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  • ...TEDx Talks into their languages and transcribe TEDx Talks in the original language, to help spread ideas to a global audience. If you're just getting started, ...uages; click [[TED_Translators_Cheat-sheet|here]] to adapt it for your own language]] Inaugurated in 2009, the TED Translator program is a global volunteer eff
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  • * '''[[Amaracademy]] (English) Els De Keyser: A 5 Minutes OTPedia Tour]''' (English)
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  • A TEDx transcript is a form of same-language subtitles or captions. In addition to containing the words spoken by the sp ...les may be different. If you believe these rules are not suitable for your language, please contact us at [].
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  • ...:// Language Coordinators] (you can find a list of local TED Translators / Transcribers Language Coordinator] for help). Do the [[Activities_for_OTP_Workshops|Limits of Compression]] e
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  • ...sharing constructive feedback on the subtitles they work on, reviewers and language coordinators act as mentors, helping less experienced volunteers develop th ...y to help share this particularly inspiring or challenging talk with their language community.
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  • ...luntário.<!-- e então aprovada por um [[Language_Coordinators | Language Coordinator]].--> As transcrições aprovadas podem ser visualizadas ao assistir à pal ...trabalhando em uma transcrição em Inglês, leia o [[English_Style_Guide|English Style Guide]].
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  • ...roaching TEDxKhartoum 2012, and gaining a small reputation with my English language skills, I was offered to lead the Translation Team. It was accepted with s ...t a later stage on the event approach; I was selected as a Team Leader and Coordinator in collaboration with Ms. Iman Mohammed. The amazing idea that the group wa
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  • ...dos, revisados e comentados por um revisor experiente e/ou por um Language Coordinator--> # Conversar com um Language Coordinator para ser orientado sobre como revisar, o que alterar ou não, como dar um b
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  • ...других языках:'' [[Quick_start_guide_for_Language_Coordinators|English]]</center></small> ...ийском языке) или одним-одной из коллег-[[Language Coordinators|Координаторов языка]].
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  • ...1471/ Facebook group] of TED translators, and/or a group for your specific language. You can find the list of groups [[Language_Groups|here]]. Translators are ...of the talk, and both the title and description should be in the original language of the talk. If it's not too long, the speaker's bio can also be transcribe
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  • ...put English titles and descriptions on non-English talks (use the original language of the talk). ...slations of these disclaimers in various languages. If you can't find your language, consult
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  • ...) are available for transcribing (since TEDTalks always come with original-language subtitles already created). ...needs to be reviewed by another volunteer, and then approved by a Language Coordinator. Below, you will find a guide to finding a "Transcribe" task or a "Review"
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  • * PPT presentation English [ ...mation from the interested volunteers to the event and segmented them into language categories.
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  • [[english-specialities|Nástrahy angličtiny]] [[coordinator-tools|Nástroje pro správu a přehled (Amaratools)]]
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  • ...eer este artículo en otras lenguas:'' [[How_to_organize_a_transcribeathon|English]]</center></small> ...los en tu lengua, contacta a un [[:Category:Language_Coordinators|Language Coordinator]]). Si no contáis con un proyecto o una pantalla grande, cada participante
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  • '''7. English to Polish translation examples and compression discussion – Kinga, based I answered a few questions about being a language coordinator.
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