Colombo Sri Lanka TEDxColombo Transcribeathon 2015

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Organizers and volunteers at TEDxColombo Transcribeathon 2015

Below, you will find a detailed report on a transcribeathon organized by OTP volunteers and TEDxColombo.

If you wish to organize an event like this on your own, see this guide.


Location: The Hive | MAS Innovation Center, Colombo

Date: 14th November 2015 4 PM-8 PM


  • Providing basic information on transcription and a chance of applying it to simple tasks
  • Transcribing TEDxColombo talks
  • Introducing new people to the OTP
  • Community building and connecting local TEDx with the OTP community


  • laptops (brought by attendees)
  • WiFi connection
  • PPT presentation English [1]
  • Projector & screen (provided by Venue)
  • Food & drink (provided by CocoVeranda)


Safra Anver - Introduction to TEDxColombo and activities

Ahamed Nishadh - Introduction to TEDxColombo events and transcribeathon

Tharique Azeez - Transcription 101: basic rules, common mistakes, available resources, guidelines and demonstrations and Q&A


TEDxColombo Transcribeathon 2015 - OTP Volunteers at Work

- We've prepared a list of tasks to be carried out in the event such as Amara links to the TEDxColombo talks and made the list available to the participants via a spreadsheet. Then participants able to select a task to work on it.

- We had a giant screen in the venue and comfortable seating facilities where participants keenly focused on subscribing the talks.

- Team at TEDxColombo brought a high speed internet WiFi connection. Participants were able to connect to the internet and work on the talks.

- Before the event we collected information from the interested volunteers to the event and segmented them into language categories.

- We have also sent out pre-communication emails such as asking them to register at Amara & as translators before the event. We have prompted them with video instruction on how to register.

Notes on Event

Welcome pack

- We have provided information and reasons on why it matters to transcribe a talk that produced by a local TEDx event

- We had members from TEDxColombo to welcome the volunteers and guide them to nexts.

- TEDxColombo kind enough to provide some welcome pack consists of stationeries and stickers.

- Volunteers were focused on transcribing the TEDxColombo talks.

- We had members from TEDxColombo team to support volunteers to get started with the transcription.

- We ran on lots of questions on hows and whys on Amara platform and all the questions got answered by Language Coordinator and other OTP experienced volunteers.

Certificate for the participants

- We projected inspirational and motivational quotes on the huge screen at the venue to motivate the attendees throughout the event.

- There were lots of demonstrations on how-to on Amara and tips and tricks. All the demonstration were shown on the big screen.

- We have reminded the attendees about the importance of their contribution to the translation project and benefits of being a translator for TED talks.

- TEDxColombo organized and provided cakes and coffee and also dinner for the attendees.

- End of the event, all the attendees were given the certificate of participation from TEDxColombo and OTP.


Special thanks go to Safra Anwer, TEDxColombo curator & Ahamed Nishadh and the TEDxColombo team for helping popularize the event and taking care of the logistics, photography and catering, to Tharique Azeez for very detailed and thoughtful advice, reaching out to the OTP community and providing priceless content-related and technical support on site, The Hive | MAS Innovation Center for the the amazing space and CocoVeranda for the delicious food and to all the participants, soon to become active contributors and community members.

All the pictures from the event are available on Flickr TEDxColombo Transcribeathon 2015