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What are "Transcribe" tasks

The various things that a user can do with a video on Amara are referred to as "tasks." Most users can sign up for three types of tasks: "Transcribe," "Translate" and "Review." Before the subtitles for a talk can be translated, subtitles in the original language must be created. These subtitles are referred to as a "transcript." Only TEDx talks (not TEDTalks) are available for transcribing (since TEDTalks always come with original-language subtitles already created). After the transcript has been completed, it needs to be reviewed by another volunteer, and then approved by a Language Coordinator. Below, you will find a guide to finding a "Transcribe" task or a "Review" task for a completed transcript.

How to find "Transcribe" tasks

To see the available transcription tasks:

1. Go to and log in with your TED account.

2. Click your user name in the top-right hand corner, and go to "TED" under "Teams."

3. To the left, you'll see a section titled "Projects." The three subtitling projects you can participate in are: TEDTalks, TEDxTalks and TED-Ed. Only TEDxTalks need English captions.

4. Over the video thumbnails, click "Tasks."

5. Set up the filters. For the first one (that says "All" by default"), select "Transcribe." For "tasks in," select "TEDxTalks." If you want to do a transcript from scratch (as opposed to reviewing an already made transcript), leave the default setting "no one" for "assigned to" (so, you want to see transcription tasks that have not been assigned to anyone yet). If you want to try your hand at a review, select "anyone."

5. Browse through the talks and select something that you want to transcribe. For your first task, it may be a good idea to go with a short talk.

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