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Portal Deutsch

Willkommen im deutschen Portal des OTP-Wikis!
The flag of Germany

Dieses Portal ist für die ehrenamtlichen Übersetzer des TED-OTP gedacht.

Es soll den unerfahrenen Übersetzern dabei helfen ihre Fähigkeiten - und damit auch Qualität der Übersetzungen ins Deutsche - zu verbessern.

Aber auch erfahrene und professionelle Übersetzer sind eingeladen, ihre Kenntnisse zu erweitern und zu teilen.

Ausgewählte Artikel

Für die Übersetzung von Untertiteln gelten andere Regeln als für die Übersetzung anderer Textarten. Die wichtigsten Regeln sind in den TED-Richtlinien für Untertitel aufgeführt.



For whoever is so misguided as to think that the place of his birth is the most delightful spot under the sun may also believe that his own language - his mother tongue, that is - is pre-eminent among all others; and, as a result, he may believe that his language was also Adam's. To me, however, the whole world is a homeland, like the sea to fish - though I drank from the Arno before cutting my teeth, and love Florence so much that, because I loved her, I suffer exile unjustly - and I will weight the balance of my judgment more with reason than with sentiment. And although for my own enjoyment (or rather for the satisfaction of my own desire), there is no more agreeable place on earth than Florence, yet when I turn the pages of the volumes of poets and other writers, by whom the world is described as a whole and in its constituent parts, and when I reflect inwardly on the various locations of places in the world, and their relations to the two poles and the circle at the equator, I am convinced, and firmly maintain, that there are many regions and cities more noble and more delightful than Tuscany and Florence, where I was born and of which I am a citizen, and many nations and peoples who speak a more elegant and practical language than did the Romans.

Dante Alighieri, De vulgari eloquentia, 1302

Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, weiß nichts von seiner eigenen.

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), dt. Dichter

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