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In this article you will find the first few things you need to know when you become a Language Coordinator. Please browse through the information below, watch the videos, and if you have any questions, Please contact Dimitra Papageorgiou or your fellow Language Coordinators.

Key responsibilities

Language Coordinators are skilled, experienced volunteers who help develop their language communities.

  • Elevate translation quality
  • Support collaboration
  • Mentor new volunteers
  • Maintain language style guides
  • Perform the final proofread of subtitles (approval step)
  • Advise on linguistic questions and platform improvements

How to assign/remove a task from a translator

If you want to assign a task to a specific translator, watch this video tutorial on how to assign a task or read the article. Always explain this action to the translator.

How to roll back to a previous revision

If you need to switch to any earlier subtitle version watch this video tutorial on how to roll-back to a previous revision or read the article. Please use this very sparingly. Differences in opinion between you and the reviewer/subtitler should not be solved by using this feature to override their original work.

How to use the diffing tool

You can check any two subtitle versions on the revisions list to compare them. By default, the last revision is always checked, so, if you need to compare two other versions, please uncheck the most recent one to be able to select something else. Watch the video tutorial on how to use the diffing tool.

How to post-edit a published task

Your Language Coordinator privileges allow you to make changes in a translation or a transcript after they have been approved and published. Watch the video tutorial on the technical aspects of the process and read about advice when and how to post-edit here.

How to add a TEDxTalk to Amara

Use this form to add TEDx Talks to TED Team on Amara. To learn more, watch the video tutorial. Fill out all the required information, and you will be notified by email once the task is available.

How to report problems related to TED.com

You can file a bug report about something not working properly on the TED.com website to contact@ted.com. Please also consult the guide to reporting subtitle crediting errors on TED.com.

In your report please include:
  • The page where you encountered the problem
  • A concise description
  • Your browser, device and operating system information

How to report problems related to Amara.org

Please report any problems and bugs with Amara.org (the subtitle editor or otherwise) directly to tedsupport@amara.org. When you file a support ticket, it's important to include all the necessary information that will help the support team follow up on your request, and investigate the problem. Watch this video tutorial for more information.

How to request a credit correction

If your translation credit (attribution) is wrong, please submit the correct crediting information via this form.

More information related to Language Coordinators

This guide contains links to vital resources that you will need to get familiar with before you start contributing as an LC.