Khalid's OTP TEDx Story

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Being both a TEDx organizer and a TED volunteer translator, has allowed me to experience TED from two different and often separated aspects. But only recently have I started to bring the two aspects together to benefit from one another.


My involvement in TEDx events as a sort-of representative/ambassador of the TED OTP, has started with TEDxYouth@KL which had over 300 attendees. I was introduced on the stage and the host encouraged the audience to come to me during the break to learn more about the OTP. I more than 20 people coming to me and asking all sorts of questions about the OTP, which I answered to the best of my knowledge, and gave them my business card to connect with me for further information or details. Some of them did but most of them have forgotten about the whole thing after leaving the event.


Keeping that in mind, I made sure to incorporate defining and promoting the OTP in an event that I have curated in my hometown in Morocco (TEDxTiznit). I offered free tickets to whoever translates a talk in the OTP. Also, being the host of the event, I have played the video of "Why we translate" and commented on it, distributed the flyers introducing the OTP (Designed for TEDGlobal 2013), and encouraged everyone to join the OTP. Many attendees indeed joined the facebook group of the Arabic translators and some of them have started translating.


In another event I curated and hosted in my university in Malaysia (TEDxMMU), I have also offered free tickets to whoever translates a talk in the OTP and also introduced the OTP on the stage while wearing the OTP T-shirt that I got from TEDGlobal 2013.


My latest involvement in the borderlines of TEDx and the OTP, was at a massively huge event in Kuala Lumpur (TEDxKL) which was the largest ever organized TEDx event in South East Asia and one of the largest in the whole world with over 2000 attendees. In this event I was invited by the curator, who is a dear friend of mine, to represent the OTP and get more people from this region involved in the project. I went there along with Unnawut Leepaisalsuwanna from Thailand and we were given a booth specifically designated for the OTP. We both distributed over 100 flyers which we brought from TEDGlobal 2013, and when I say distributed, I mean talked to the people, explained the OTP and how to join, then gave them the flyers for more information