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* [[日本語字幕翻訳者のためのメモ]]
* [[日本語字幕翻訳者のためのメモ]]
* [[スプレッドシートを利用したやり取り]]
* [[スプレッドシートを利用したやり取り]]
* [[How_to_Tackle_a_transcript_ja|文字起こしガイドの日本語索引]]
* [[How_to_Tackle_a_transcript_ja|文字起こしガイドライン 和訳  ]]

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富嶽三十六景 凱風快晴



Many OTP translators are involved with various TEDx events, and share their thoughts about translating TEDTalks. The Open Translation Project is also discussed at other events. The videos gathered here can inspire and inform us about the work that goes into the OTP.




I stumbled onto TED while preparing my MBA Final Thesis. I was writing a chapter on plain language, and Google brought me to the TEDTalk of Alan Siegel. I translated it into Dutch, just to get a feeling of how the translation dynamics worked. I liked it so much that I decided to try to 'make a small contribution' by becoming a TED Translator. Since I'm a true philologist (word-lover), this is in fact just fun to me. In the process, I have come across zillions of interesting ideas, and interesting people.

Els De Keyser, Dutch, French and Italian TED Translator

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