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* [[スプレッドシートを利用したやり取り]]
* [[スプレッドシートを利用したやり取り]]
* [[TED 日本語字幕の表記ガイドライン]]
* [[TED 日本語字幕の表記ガイドライン]]
* [[How_to_Tackle_a_transcript_ja]] (TEDx トークの文字起こしガイドライン 和訳・部分的)

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富嶽三十六景 凱風快晴



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My bi-cultural experience inherently included the need to express ideas foreign to a given audience in terms that would render these ideas comprehensible. Very often I find that I also need to “translate” my own thoughts into language, being a predominantly intuitive / kinesthetic thinker. I also have an insatiable need to share ideas that I find fascinating, and sometimes this involves expressing them in another language. I started translating for TED because I desired to share ideas that I found fascinating, and to use my Polish translations to make these new ideas an incorruptible fixture in a culture that may very often be considered not very progressive, and pretty repressive.

Krystian Aparta, Polish TED Translator

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