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OK first a disclaimer, I put the name to this OTP story "Highlights from TEDGlobal" because I wanted to write about the people, the ideas, what really struck me the most.
And I had another idea for a different story about what I want to do after TEDGlobal, new commitments I am taking, new resolutions for the year ahead.
But I forgot how to start a new story, so the commitments are here and as soon as I figure out how to start a new story, I will take them out. Thank you all for your patience!

After an intense TEDGlobal week in Edinburgh, on my train ride to London this afternoon, I had some time to think about what TEDGlobal meant for me for the year ahead.

First, I'll share with you a few commitments I am taking to contribute to TED and TEDx. During the next year I will:

1- Start building the Portuguese (Brazilian) pages in our wiki, and will invite other Brazilian translators to contribute as well.
2- Coordinate the selection, reviewing and rating of TEDxTalks in Spanish and Portuguese, so that we come up with the best ones to be translated into other languages, this is part of a new effort to bring the Best of TEDx to the TED community, and it is a pilot project starting with only 4 languages (Corean, French, Spanish&Portuguese) (Originally they were going to chose either Sp or Pt, but I've asked them to do both together, that way we can bring Spanish&Portuguese speaking communities closer together, and work as a region and not as separate languages)
3- Recruit and coordinate translators to translate the TEDx talks I mentioned above, people whose native language is English and have professional command of Spanish and Portuguese and who are passionate about TED and TEDx.
3- Organize TED-Ed workshops for teachers during TEDx events in Brazil and Argentina
4- Write project - InternationalYouthCamp@TEDGlobal
5- Send names of Amazing women from Brazil and Argentina to TEDxWomen, and it would be nice to introduce an AmazingWomen recognition.

I see myself as a link in a chain, a connector. Maybe anyone who speaks more than one language is a connector, and if you are a translator, even more so.
So the following list is a list of people I want to connect to other people, just to show the impact of the participation of ONE person. An I am only one in a chain of many! As Anwar said, do little and you can still change a life.

1- Introduce Manu Prakash to social entrepreneurs working in the health sector in Argentina and Brazil
2- Introduce Juliana (TEDFellow) to 2 recipients of captured birds I know in Brazil
3- Introduce Amy O'Toole to my 14 and 16 yr old daughters ;)
4- Connect Nespresso to PhD expert in water treatment
5- introduce Meklit Hadero and Usman Riaz to amazing Brazilian musicians
6- Help Paraty become a City of Literature
7- Introduce Julian Treasure's "sound theory" to hospital administrators in Brazil 8- Would love to help build a story-telling center in Sao Paulo, like the one we visited in Edinburgh.

In a personal level, I want to follow all advice from Alanna Shaikh and knit more, draw more, exercise more, be healthier and stronger. Again, small actions can have big effects! And Love is important.

So that's my list, and I will do one at a time, always finding a mono task within this multi tasking world!