What TEDx organizers can do for TED Translators

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TED Translators

TED Translators are members of TED Community, just like you, who also spread the ideas by making them available in their local languages. This guide is meant for TEDx organizers who would like to show their appreciation for volunteer TED Transcribers and Translators and assist them in their mission to promote ideas cross-culturally and across languages.

What you can do with your team only?

You can do a lot!

Before the event:

  1. Offer a few tickets to TED Translators from your local community; you can find them here: https://www.ted.com/people/translators (sorted by number of subtitles contributed), and enter a location to find Translators nearby, or use this geotagged map created by a volunteer: http://amaratools.ted-ja.com/community_map/

During the event:

  1. Show the "What is TEDx?" video with subtitles in the local language created by volunteer TED Translators (this way, everybody in your audience will understand the difference between TED and TEDx): http://translations.ted.org/wiki/Playing_the_TEDx_intro_video_with_subtitles
  2. When you show TED talks (which is part of the license agreement) show them with your local language subtitles. (They are available for almost every TED talk)
  3. Please mention TED Translators and Transcribers from the stage in some form ­– they are part of the TED family (and the event) too! There is a short promo video that explains what transcribing TEDx talks is about and why it's so helpful. In this folder, you'll also find multiple language versions of this promo that you can play offline with the subtitles on. Visit TED Translators Promo Videos playlist for more videos you can screen at an event.

After the event:

  1. Post a link on your Facebook or Twitter wall to the How to sign up video
  2. Share links to online resources that explain the translation and transcription process: TED.com/translate and TED.com/transcribe

What you can do with the help of an active TED translator?

Please see this article about creating a TED Translators and Transcribers community around TEDx events.