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I'm passionate about

bicycle,green building and sustainable energy. Crazy about cycles and trying to make a local bicycle using local renewable stuff. As an Engineer, my focus is to design green buildings.

An idea worth spreading

Cut spending, do not go after more money. We, the Bangladeshis most of the time do not understand how much we wasting, in terms of money and time. try to decrease that. Life will be easy. Do not blame the government or anyone else for your misfortune or bad results. Think If you did what it means to be an active citizen. And also you are not the only one trying to work alone, so do not lose hope if you know you are doing something great.

Talk to me about

Anything-politics, history, economics anything. I am a great fan of learning and working.I may not know everything but doesn't mean I can't hear or learn. Love taking courses in EdX and Coursera.

People don't know that I'm good at

fixing stuffs. I can fix mobile phones, computers, bicycles, plumbing equipments(:D) and many more. most cases I don't charge cause it's like a game to me. I like fixing things.

I am good at taking decisions. Cool head, good analytic ability and deduction power makes me the perfect person to be in a position to take decisions.