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I’m a little curious machina that observes how human soul trembles. I laugh with all my heart and I love to make people laugh. I enjoy traveling to unknown lands, meeting strangers, and listening to their stories. I am passionate for literature, cinema, philosophy, neuroscience, food, environmental issues and world politics. I study different cultures and believe we are the same with all our differences. I write for leisure and money. I write therefore I am.

I’ve lived on several continents and done many different jobs. I was a journalist for technology and lifestyle magazines. I worked in a French kitchen as a pastry apprentice and had a good time with macarons. I worked as a marketing director for Engadget Chinese. I am an actress and sometimes an object in friends’ films and art projects. I wrote advertising copies, animation, movie scripts and designed games. Now working as producer and head writer for Studio2 animation.

I’m passionate at everything I do and who I am.