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Visionary pragmatist with the determination to change the world and with the passion to make it happen. By day, Aygul works as a research scientist at the University of Stuttgart in the field of quantum chemistry and computer modeling of chemical reactions. By evening, she is an active participant in technical community and an enthusiastic serial volunteer who is heavily involved in organizing, coordinating and delivering a range of innovative activities & projects. She is co-organizer of two Google Technology User Groups (GTUGs) in Stuttgart and Ufa as well as Android DevCamp Stuttgart and TEDxStuttgart, translator of TED talks, foursquare, TweetDeck, and Twitter, dedicated contributor at the Google Product Forums and Wikipedia and the list goes on. In between, Aygul is a SoLoMo early adopter and a tech savvy female with a digital NDA who is passionate about community, innovation, and making our world a better place through technology and science. She is a natural connector who loves to see people from various walks of life come together and sharpen one another to create brilliance. When not working or contributing to the community, Aygul enjoys traveling, learning foreign languages, sharpening her GTD skills, listening to good music, and cooking.