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I am a visual artist from the Netherlands, who stumbled upon TED in the summer of 2010, through a video posted on a blog that I encountered on a Google search. It was Benjamin Zander's talk, and I was pretty much instantly hooked. Not long after that, somebody in the comment threads informed me of the existence of the Open Translation Project, and I started translating. I've learned a lot during my work for TED. Every in-depth involvement in the talks I translate – having to watch them several times and really tuning in – enriches my world view. Beside that I've also gone through a considerable learning curve where language and especially the process of crafting subtitles is concerned, and I enjoy coaching new translators in our group, as well as the cooperation with my fellow LC's Els, Christel and Peter. The recent growth in scale and scope of the OTP is breathtaking and inspiring.

Here's my TED profile

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