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ro-3 Acest utilizator poate contribui cu un nivel avansat de română.


  • DO NOT copy the source of this userbox. Otherwise you risk putting your userpage in a miscategorization, and/or generating duplicate templates/userboxes.
  • Put this userbox on your userpage like this:{{User ro-3}}
  • Put this userbox in Babel like this {{Babel|ro-3}}
  • This template will automatically add your page to the following categories:
cs:Šablona:User ro-3

nv:Bee álnééhí:User ro-3 id:Templat:User ro-3 is:Snið:Notandi ro-3 nl:Sjabloon:Gebruiker ro-3 pt:Predefinição:User ro-3 ro:Format:Utilizator ro-3 sk:Šablóna:User ro-3 uk:Шаблон:User ro-3