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This template is used to produce a link in a box to a portal or portals.


{{Portal|Name 1|Name 2|Name 3...|size=Size|boxsize=Boxsize|margin=Margin}}
The name of the portal. If multiple portal names are used the other parameters will be ignored.

The following additional parameters are available. They are all optional, the default values are chosen to give a good look and feel across the encylopedia and should not be overridden without good reason.

The width of the icon, as an integer. This is in units of pixels. The default is 28 times the image aspect ratio, which produces an image 28 pixels high.
The width of the box, as an integer. This is in units of pixels. The default is to use a box wide enough to hold the text, if possible.
The margin around the box. By default, the box is surrounded by a margin of width 0.5em, but this can be customized using |margin=top right bottom left (e.g., |margin=0.25em 0 0.25em 0.25em) or removed using |margin=0 (zero).
If set to "Yes", adds a line break before the word "portal".


The portal image defaults to one that is specified in Template:Portal/Images/PortalName for the portal, or a generic image. There is a list of all such images. Have in mind that the "PortalName" variable should only have an upper case letter at the first word, the second and later words should be written in lower case, regardless of how is the name of the portal actually written. For example, Portal:Buenos Aires is written with two capital letters, but the subpage to host the image is Template:Portal/Images/Buenos aires, with only one capital letter.


Within articles, this template is meant to be placed at the bottom of the article in the See also section.



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