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You haven't set up any languages. Please see Template:Babel/doc for help.
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{{Babel}} is for showing the languages that you know, as well as the operating system, keyboard layout, web browser, desktop environment, and text editor that you are most comfortable with. Details of how to use it for its original purpose -- showing the languages that you know -- are at Wikipedia:Babel.


  • Template:Babel - Allows 1 to 100 boxes.
    Format: {{Babel|<box1>|<box2>|<box3>...}}

Parameters can no longer be added using the {{!}} trick; if you want to use a box with a parameter, create a new userbox which calls the original with that parameter set and then link to the new userbox instead.

The Babel box prefixes its arguments with "User ", so it will work with the User: namespace. For example, this would include the {{User:Urhixidur/Userboxes/Asteroid}} user box:

{{Babel|<box1>|<box2>|:Urhixidur/Userboxes/Asteroid|<box 4>|...}}

Custom styling

To customize the appearance you can add the optional parameters header=HEADER (default: Wikipedia:Babel), footer=FOOTER (default: Search user languages), bordercolor=BORDERCOLOR (default: #99B3FF), color=COLOR (default: white), textcolor=TEXTCOLOR (default: black), left=Left margin (default: 1), bottom=Bottom margin (default: 0.5), solid=Solid border width (default: 1), width=Box width (default: 248), and/or extra-css=<any other formatting>. Call the '!' userbox to start a new column after that point or the '-' userbox to insert a blank row. You may also use '|align=left' to display the babel box on the left side of the screen rather than the default right.

Example: {{Babel|align=left|color=yellow|en|fr|de|!|tl|ru|:UBX/1337}} produces:

en This user is a native speaker of English.
fr Cet utilisateur a pour langue maternelle le français.
de Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
tl Ang tagagamit na ito ay katutubong tagapagsalita ng Tagalog.
ru Русскийродной язык этого участника.
1337 7|-|15 |_|x0r 5|>34|<5 1337.
Search user languages

Use on other Wikipedias

The page you are now reading is the actual Babel template. If you click "edit this page", you will see a bunch of computer code that makes the Babel boxes work. What you're now reading is just comments in that code, inside "<noinclude>" tags so it doesn't interfere with the computer code.

In order to have Babel boxes on another Wikimedia project, just copy this page to that project. Click "view source" and use your computer mouse to copy all the contents, including the computer code. Create a page called "Template:Babel" on the other Wikimedia project and put the content into it.

You also need to copy over a bunch of files with names like "Template:User en", "Template:User en-1", "Template:User fr", etc. etc. Once you've done that, users can put e.g. "{{Babel|en-1|fr}}" on their user page and the Babel boxes will be displayed.

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