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This article explains how to use the TED Translators logo in TED Translator social media, etc.

Rules to remember

  • Never use the TED logo! Only the approved TED Translators logo.
  • Only use the square or rectangular logo templates. Do not alter the TED Translators logo in any way.
  • You are not allowed to place the TED Translators logo on other colors or on photographic, patterned or illustrative backgrounds. You can combine the TED Translators logo with other graphics but make sure to use a minimum buffer zone of clear space around the perimeter of the logo.
  • You can use the TED Translators logo on your social media accounts, pages and materials that are related to TED Translators.
  • Do not change the color of “TED” or “Translators” in “TED Translators”
  • Do not create a TED Translators logo in your own typeface.


Please submit your customized logo or cover to, for evaluation.

We provide different templates you can download and customize for your Translator social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Background color

Use a solid, all-white or all-black background. Do not place the TED Translators logo on other colors or on photographic, patterned or illustrative backgrounds.

Clear space

To ensure that the TED Translators logo is presented in the best possible manner, a minimum buffer zone of clear space should always be maintained around the perimeter of the logo. Other logos, graphics or copy must be kept out of this zone. Other logos cannot appear as if they were a part of the TED Translators logo.

Other specifications

  • Typeface: The typeface (Helvetica) is an integral part of our visual identity and should not be changed or substituted. Helvetica comes pre-installed on most computers, but if you do not have access to it, use Arial. If you have a different version of Helvetica (Helvetica Neue, for example) use the Regular weight of your version.
  • Tracking: Letter-spacing in the TED Translators logo templates is set to 0. Do not adjust this setting.
  • Color: Do not change the TED Translators logo colors.

TED Color

Onscreen/web: When the TED Translators logo is reproduced onscreen in slide presentations, in video, or online for the web, RGB or web color logos should be used. Onscreen applications use RGB (red/green/blue) values to simulate color. On the web, hex values are used to specify color. Each of these specifications is shown below.


The colors shown here have not been evaluated by Pantone Inc. for accuracy and may not match the Pantone Color Standards. Due to the manner in which color is represented on-screen, the colors shown here may not accurately represent the true TED Translators logo colors. Therefore, do not use the colors shown here (or a printed version of this page) for color matching. Instead, always refer to the color specifications and visually match the specified colors accurately using Pantone Color Standards.


Below, you'll find downloadable images with the TED Translators logo as well as templates for Twitter and Facebook cover images.

TED Translators logos

  • Square logo with white background

Square white bg.png

  • Square logo with black background

Square black bg.png

  • Rectangular logo with white background
Rectangle white.png
  • Rectangular logo with black background
Rectangle black.png

TED Translators social media templates

  • Rectangular logo template for Twitter cover
Twtter template.png

Download the PSD

  • Rectangular logo template for Facebook cover
Facebook cover template.png

Download the PSD

  • Square template for profile pictures (to combine with a flag or other icon)
Profile template.png