How to find your Amara user name

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Your Amara user name can be useful when reporting various Amara issues (for example, when fixing crediting mistakes). Your user name is different from your email address or your full name on Amara. Here is how to find your Amara user name:

1. If you are not logged in, click "Sign in" in the top right corner, and use your account for authentication when prompted. Once logged in, click your user name (top right) and then select "Profile" from the drop-down menu that appears:

Image shows how to navigate to Amara profile.

2. You can copy your user name from the "About" section on the left (no parentheses). Alternatively, click the "Account" tab: your user name will be visible in the "Username" box.

Image shows how to navigate to Amara Account tab and find the user name.

If you need any more help navigating the Amara interface, here are some useful links:

To report a bug on Amara, send an email to