The Hadj, a holy road story - Sadettin Kirmiziyüz at TEDxFlandersSalon

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The talk

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Terms and expressions

Filling out the Arabic blanks

The talk is in Dutch, but it contains a few key terms in Arabic. Please help us to complete the transcript and the English translation.

I used a Wikipedia page page for this. The page has translations in many languages. But there are still quite a few words that are not on this page. Please help me by filling in the "XXX" blanks. If you put them in bold, I can easily see where you edited.

Here is a link to the video on Amara of Sadettin's talk.


00:05:36,001 --> 00:05:40,027

deze XXX inzet, de rest met hem meedoet.


00:05:50,020 --> 00:05:53,030



00:09:02,026 --> 00:09:06,098

om de tawaaf af te ronden. XXX, je hebt de tawaaf verricht.


00:09:10,038 --> 00:09:12,086

We gaan door naar het volgende ritueel, dat is de XXX.


00:09:12,086 --> 00:09:16,020

De XXX, dat is een wandeltocht tussen twee heuveltoppen,


00:12:27,056 --> 00:12:30,081 XXX, je bent hadji geworden.


00:12:32,053 --> 00:12:35,058

We gaan meteen door naar nummer 5, namelijk XXX


00:14:39,054 --> 00:14:43,033 Hadji, XXX, wat doe je, denk na, en na!


00:19:37,069 --> 00:19:39,096 Dat is XXX, afgodsverering.


00:20:08,016 --> 00:20:10,071 Er is applaus. XXX.

Other terms and expressions