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  • ...scribers should be fluent in the transcription language. Volunteers should be knowledgable of [ ...ining what additional edits are required before the review or approval can be completed. Volunteers are required to collaborate while working on a review
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  • ...n translator-reviewer couple (in addition to being very visible, edits can be commented with a reason "why") # Put into its place. This macro needs to be put into Word STARTUP folder.
    5 KB (734 words) - 07:49, 25 June 2014
  • ...prover should send the task back with instructions detailing what needs to be changed and how to fix the issues found in the subtitles (ideally including send back). Don't make all the changes on your own. The hints below can be shared with the reviewer as team notes, instructing them how to fix the iss
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  • Feedback could be defined as comments about someone’s work designed to improve future perfo ...doesn’t suggest what to stick to in the future. Feedback must also never be about making the other volunteer feel bad about the quality of their subtit
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