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I was born and raised in Wuhan, the Capital city of Hubei province, which is located in central part of China. My mother has just retired from her 35-year-long Chinese-teaching career. I've had a passion in language and literature since I was a little girl. By the age of five, I could remember and recite more than 200 Tang poems. And I started reading literary workds in ancient Chinese since primary school. Although I was not considered an intellegent student when it comes to maths or science, the dozens of honor certificates I won from writing contests made my parents really proud.

In 1997, I was enrolled by Wuhan University, which is a top-10 university in China. There I studied English Language and Literature. The courses I took included not only literature reading and linguistics, but also Communication Skills, the Art of Speech, as well as Eng-Chi translation. During the following years of working as an English teacher in schools, training centers and educational companies, I never took translation as my major path of career. However, I did a lot of translating and interpreting for both business and recreational purposes. I got my Master's degree from University of Virginia in Educational Psychology in 2014. So far I've been studying, living and working in the US for almost two years.

I'm very confident with my language skills, both in Chinese and English. However, I realize that there are still a lot that I can learn in this field. And the best way to learn is to be surrounded by a group people that have the same passion and skills. I sincerely hope that I could find more friends, comrades and teachers here.