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A veteran integrated marketing executive with a great deal of experience turning direct to consumer businesses into digital-based businesses.

As a senior executive within the industry, I have helped to manage and bring about change working on the digital campaigns, eCommerce platforms, and social media engagements for the leading global 1,000 financial, banking, telecommunication, publishing, and pharmaceutical brands.

I always work hard to understand how to develop a brand, execute an offer, and optimize the customer experience. “My goal has always been to motivate a customer to click, call, and buy any product or service online.”

My specialties: Managing integrated marketing, new customer acquisition, new product introductions, and building customer relationships that last with Paid, Owned, and Earned Media (P.O.E.M.). Following a creative, iterative, and agile approach in designing customer journey that is measurable.

While I thoroughly enjoy managing a digital marketing campaign, I love networking, meeting new people, discovering avenues of new business, and sharing my ideas with like-minded professionals.