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Born in San José, Costa Rica (1979) and raised mainly by my grandparents (with Cuban, Spanish, Catalan and German/Costarrican nationalities, a real blood-cornucopia!) after my parent's divorce, I grew up as a privileged child who loved learning everything I could at the British School, university, books, online and subjective, semi-rational observation. I'm creative, artistic, crafty and I try hard to be more open-minded, compassionate and helpful each day. All animals are remarkable for me, specially mammals, so I've had plenty of pets of very different species, from iguanas to ferrets, or squirrels to fish, many bought and rescued cats and dogs like Cockers, Rottweilers and Dobermans, the breeds feared by most. Big and small, furry, slimy, scaly or feathery, I love them all! I started helping out at the family business as a small child and did it until money laundering competing stores forced my grandpa Armando to close down the business by the time I went to university. Then, I volunteered at a local public school, a home for the elderly and a construction project by the beach to build a senior, Christian camp. Later on, I worked on different bilingual positions and companies, from Language-Line Services to and IBM. Presently, I'm considering which type of business to start up, that can join together the social cause of helping Cuban immigrants (like my grandpa and his friends did years ago) with a stable job and a self-sustainable financial structure that can later be integrated into a larger plan, or another good cause... for which I need all the help and illumination I can get.