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The standard for a TEDx talk title is:

[Talk title] - [Speaker's name] (at) TEDx[Event name].

For example:

The standard for the title is: [Talk Title]: [Speaker's Name] at TEDx[EventName]. For example:

On being a young entrepreneur: Christophe Van Doninck at TEDxFlanders

Using a dash instead of the colon is also fine. The word "at" should be translated. Ideally, the description should contain a 1-2 sentence overview of the talk, without links or the speaker's biography. When transcribing or translating the talk on Amara, the text explaining what the TEDx program is should be left out.

Note that TEDx event names are branded terms, (like TED, TEDTalks etc) and should not be translated or written with a space between TEDx and event name. So, the correct naming is:





TEDxLondonBusinessSchool etc.

Please make sure that you review these standard guidelines before approving the original transcript task.