TEDx - Ideas Impacting the World

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This is a page of resources and discussion for "TEDx - Ideas Impacting the World"

The talk

TED http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDx-Ideas-Impacting-the-Worl-2

YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XQDXAWkxAk

dotSUB http://dotsub.com/view/9f4380d9-c56b-4ae2-a36f-1196a709067a

About the speaker

Wondros (director)

Kelo Kubu/TEDxSoweto

Halim Madi/TEDxBeirut

Hanseok Ryu/TEDxSeoul

Tahnee Pantig/TEDxMcGill

Krisztina “Z” Holly/TEDxUSC

Lara Stein (director TEDx)

Jim Stolze/TEDxAmsterdam

Suraj Sudhakar/TEDxKibera

Richard Hsu/TEDxShanghai

Stephan Balzer/TEDxBerlin

Rodrigo Cunha/TEDxAmazonia

Alison Whitmire/TEDxPugetSound

Related resources

Terms and expressions

Corrections of the transcript

00:00:18,000 --> 00:00:21,000
And our only asset are the ideas we have.
And our only assets are the ideas we have.

00:00:21,000 --> 00:00:23,000
Most Asian countries,
Most of Asian countries,

00:01:26,000 --> 00:01:28,000
for whom we want development to work.
for whom we really want development to work.

00:02:19,000 --> 00:02:21,000
With TEDxAmazon we had
With TEDxAmazonia we had