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I'm New: Where to start?

The best Place To Start: A few guides

Check out the OTP Learning Series and the Getting Started section on TED.com. Also check out one of the two essential guides How to tackle a translation and How to tackle a transcript. Some time later, once you have gained enough experience to review other translators' work, you may also want to take a look at "How to tackle a review."

I'm New: Who Can Help Me?

Language Coordinators

Some experienced OTP translators have a special role in the various projects of the Open Translation Project. You will find their names and information about their role on the Language Coordinators page of this wiki.

OTP Mentors

Some experienced translators volunteer to help new colleagues. Check the OTP Mentors page.

Other translators

You can find a list of translators in your language in the Translation section of the TED website.

You can connect with them in the open I Translate TED Talks Facebook group.

Language skills

Some of the translators on this wiki have indicated their language skills on through a Babel indication on their user page. The Language Skills Overview page gives an overview of this information.

If you need a native speaker, check the Native Speakers Overview.

Do update your own user page. You can find more info on how to use the Babel template on this Wikipedia page.

Other expertise

If you need translators with a specific expertise, you may find them on the page listing the Areas of Expertise.

Do update your own user page. Click on the user name of one of the listed experts and look at their user page in editing mode to see how to do it.

TED Staff

OTP Guidelines

Working with other OTP translators

Ground rules as to how to work with other translators in the OTP Project can be found on the page on Working with other OTP translators.

From a practical point of view, the page on Single-column editing in Word gives a detailed explanation on one way of proceeding by means of Microsoft Word.

OTP General Style Guidelines

Our project also has ground rules regarding the style of OTP translations, the OTP General Style Guidelines.

OTP Sound Subtitling Guidelines

TED Translations are subtitles. If you are not familiar with writing subtitles, please check out our OTP Sound Subtitling Guidelines.

OTP Wiki Guidelines

A wiki is a free place, of course, but nevertheless we think it is useful to have a basic set of OTP Wiki Guidelines.

OTP Forum Guidelines

The same is true for the forum: let's respect the basic rules of our OTP Forum Guidelines.

The Tools of the Trade


The TED website contains a lot of information about the Open Translation Project in the OTP section.


The OTP uses Amara as a subtitling tool. You will find a guide to using the interface here.

This Wiki

This wiki is an essential tool for TED Translators. Both the general section (i.e. the pages in English) and the language-specific sections are meant to be used and written by OTP Translators. Please check them regularly, they contain useful information. And please help making this wiki even more useful by expanding it.

If you are not familiar with writing for a wiki, check out this short guide.