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Dotsub Tips & Tricks

Spelling Check

  • If you use Mozilla Firefox, you can rightclick anywhere in dotsub to activate the language of your choice. Errors will be redlined.

Check Translations in Other Languages

  • Sometimes it comes in handy if you can check a difficult sentence in other languages that you know. In dotsub, just switch the Source Language dropdown list at the top of the page from English to another language. The list contains all languages for which a translation currently exists.

Sound Subtitling Practices

Less is more!

  • Remember that subtitle users are not necessarily good at speed reading. Check for how many seconds the text will be visible.
  • You can easily do with meaningless words, such as
    • actually
    • you know
    • I mean
    • And (in the beginning of a sentence, this is usually just a meaningless connector)