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At the TED Salon in London, copies of the magazine DesignMind were available. There was an interesting little piece that sheds some light on how TED feels about translators. Here it is.

TED Survival Kit. Listening to five full days of mind-blowing talks during the day, while socializing with some of the world's sharpest thinkers at night, is not for the unprepared. If you're planning a trip to TEDGlobal 2012, here's what you should bring.
  1. Extra Brain: Allan Jones thinks there's plenty to explore in our current brains. Until he figures out how to use all that untapped gray matter, we suggest you bring along an extra. You'll need it.
  2. Stealth Smart Device: Bring your best mobile device, but not to tweet a Gladwell quote or to Instagram the tech demo of the day. You'll need it to wake you up in the morning after your three hours of sleep.
  3. First Impression Coach: Sometimes you need a pep talk to firm up that handshake and steady your eye contact. If you can't find one, call Paul Zak, aka Dr. Love.
  4. Hydration Station: You can't live on coffee alone (although the baristas at Coffee Commons might lead you to believe otherwise). Grab some coconut water, a sports drink, or some plain old H2O to stay lively all the way to the farewell BBQ.
  5. Translator: Despite the fact that Mark Pagel thinks the world would be better off with one language, you'll hear many different accents at TEDGlobal.
  6. Breath Mints: You'll be snacking on yummy, garlicky snacks at the after parties. You'll also be talking a lot. Need we say more?

—DesignMind, The Stuff of Life, 2011, page 8

So now you know how to get yourself a ticket to TEDGlobal: just say you're part of a TED Attendee's Survival Kit.

Els De Keyser, TED Translator, --User:ElsDK 14:48, 17 November 2011 (UTC)

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