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  • the title of that section in the table of contents and click the "Edit" link at the top of the section. Before you save your edits, click "Show preview" ...h that title ("Create the page "My new article" on this wiki!"). Click the link, paste the article you wrote offline and submit it. If you made a mistake i
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  • ...u want to help translate more Spanish talks into English, you can use this link from a tool created by an OTP volunteer, which displays Spanish talks witho ...Examples of such “action items” or links to other resources include: a link to find more subtitling tasks of a specific type (e.g. shorter videos, if y
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  • ...n principle, these are monolingual dictionaries, but multiple entries also link to translations any dictionary, and the English Wikipedia article for "hammer" does not link to an article in your language. Below, you will find two strategies that yo
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  • edits made in the review step using the diffing view (you can share the link with the volunteer whose subtitles you are reviewing) ...f you can't find one for your language, consider creating it and share the link with as at [].
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  • Mantenha esse link em seus favoritos para ter sempre à mão a tradução oficial do disclaime <div style="text-indent: 20px;">Veja a lição completa: (link para a lição)
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  • <!--O guia pode ser encontrado em PDF [nesse link.]( ...este [ link].
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  •], explaining what happened, and including all the relevant info (link to the talk on Amara and on and the links to the pr ...he author of the lesson and the animation has been translated and that the link to the full lesson has not been removed.
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  • **[[User:Ruth-P/workspace/GermanTutorials#Allgemeines | Tutorial: Link einfügen]] ! style="width:10em;" |Link
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  • your new user page where you can upload your picture by clicking on the link in red. | website = the link to your profile, for example: [ Ted Profiles]
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  • After a coffee break, share the link to your talks sheet (see below), talk about your priority talks, and ask pa ...p://] or a similar service, create an easy-to-type link to the talk sheet so that you can easily share it at the event. It will be
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  • '''Here is the link to the''' [ ...and copy the link to the talk and the video ID (eg eRXCUzl1f2Dt) from the link to the appropriate columns
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  • ...ugo and I head home. In the afternoon, it’s his turn to take the Airline link to Edinburgh Airport, where he will see a couple of familiar faces. ...e a coffee in Ryan’s bar. Then I go to the bus stop and take the Airline link. It's time for the TED Crash.
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  • ...ion, make sure to translate the phrase "View full lesson at:" and keep the link to the TED-Ed lesson exactly as it is. ...rface.|TED-Ed descriptions also contain author and animation credits and a link to the full lesson]]
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  • - Give them a link to the rules of transcription - ...nd other online forums and tell them what is the best way to do it (Give a link to the talk, the time when something is said and an explanation of your pro
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  • ...đutim, davanje priznanja za vaš rad nam je veoma važno. Vaše ime – i link ka vašem profilu – stajaće na strani pored svakog izlaganja na kom ste
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  • Igen. Van erre egy link az előadásod dotSUB fordítói oldalának legalján. Azonban a dotSUB ren
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  • ...his-talk-part-of-the-official-ted-team- this guide] (which also contains a link to a form you can use to add a video that is not on Amara). Otherwise, it m
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  • ...orming sessions on some social networks, and a colleague of mine sent me a link to the awesome talk by Barry Schwartz on the paradox of choice. It was then
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  • # Post a link on your Facebook or Twitter wall to the [
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  • In de categorie "Spelling Nederlands" (zie link hieronder) vind je een aantal regels waartegen vaak gezondigd wordt. Ook el
    971 bytes (130 words) - 16:57, 17 September 2011

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