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Useful links, tutorials and more, for Language Coordinators.

General LC resources

  1. Language Coordinators List
  2. Language Groups List
    1. I Translate TED Talks
    2. I Transcribe TEDx Talks
  3. Welcome message template

Use this template to create your own Amara welcome message that can be sent automatically to new users in your language (to learn how to make it happen, email us at or ask Unnawut Leepaisalsuwanna).

User Generated Tools

  1. List of recent Amara updates
  2. Yasushi Tool for attribution information
  3. Yasushi Tool to track post edits in your translations
  4. Yasushi Tool for editing history of translations
  5. Yasushi Tool for tracking recently published translations in your language
  6. Krisztian Stancz Tools for LCs (color lines/ comments)
  7. For more information, email us at or ask Unnawut Leepaisalsuwanna
  8. Els De Keyser's short practical tuts about the new Amara Editor

Subtitling resources (to share with other volunteers):

  1. Open Translation Project pages on
  2. OTPedia, the Open Translation Project encyclopedia (this page here!)
    1. How to edit OTPedia
  3. Video Tutorials on Youtube
  4. How to Tackle a Transcript
  5. How to Tackle a Translation
  6. How to Tackle a Review
  7. How to break lines
  8. English Style Guide
  9. Form: Add a TEDx talk to Amara

Amara Support database

  1. Amara Support Home
  2. New Editor Support Pages
    1. New Editor Video Tutorials

Report a bug or a problem

If you need to report an Amara bug, please visit TED-Amara support or email Amara at:
If your problem is related to (attribution, TED profile, etc) please email us at:
Not sure how to write a bug report? See here.

Common issues

  1. Is this talk part of the official TED team?
  2. Fixing translation credits on

Resources only for LCs

  1. How to tackle an Approval
  2. Motivating Volunteers
  3. Form: Suggest Active Volunteer Translators
  4. LC Newsletter Archive (please contact us at