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* [[TED 日本語字幕の表記ガイドライン]]
* [[TED 日本語字幕の表記ガイドライン]]
* [http://translations.ted.org/wiki/JapaneseWorkOffLine オフラインのツール]
* [http://translations.ted.org/wiki/JapaneseWorkOffLine オフラインのツール]
* (TEDx トークの文字起こしガイドライン 和訳・部分的)  [[How_to_Tackle_a_transcript_ja]]  
* (TEDx トークの文字起こしガイドライン 和訳)  [[How_to_Tackle_a_transcript_ja]]  

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Every TED Translation is the result of cooperation between a translator and a reviewer. If you're new to this process, you may want to check what we expect from this collaboration.




I translate for the millions of Arabic language speakers (spoken by more than 280 million people as a first language). I translate because it’s a way to promote mutual respect between different cultures, people, religions, etc. Translation is a way to exchange ideas among us as humans. I also translate for my friends; I think it’s a good gift that could change something in their lives. I translate for my daughter, your daughter and every kid and for the coming generations. I hope they’ll one day benefit a little from my translations.

Anwar Dafa-Alla, Arabic TED Translator

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