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Creating a user page

1. Create an OTP Wiki account.

2. Log in.

3. Confirm your e-mail address.

(only users who confirmed their e-mail addresses are able to edit pages)

4. Click on your username in the top right corner of the screen.

This step will take you to the page editing mode. There you can paste the code from the gray boxes below to create your user page.

en This user is a native speaker of English.
pl-5 Ten użytkownik włada językiem polskim na poziomie profesjonalnym.
de-3 Dieser Benutzer hat sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse.
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Creating a language box

To share which languages you know copy the code below to your user page. The number next to the language symbol indicates your level of proficiency.


You can find the list of available languages and their symbols here.

Creating a personal infobox

To create an infobox copy the code below to your profile page and fill it in with personal information of your choice. Any field left empty will not be visible on your user profile page. Remember to change the name of your profile image file. (In this example: NameOfYourPicture.jpg) At this point do not worry about uploading the picture, you will do it later. After you finish editing your user page you can click on the "show preview" button to see the results.

If the infobox is not displayed correctly, it will be after you upload your picture. Click on the "save page" button. This will take you to your new user page where you can upload your picture by clicking on the link in red.

[[File:NameOfYourPicture.jpg|frame|none|alt=alttext|{{Infobox person
| honorific_prefix          =
| name                      = Your Name
| honorific_suffix          =
| native_name               =
| native_name_lang          =
| birth_name                =
| birth_date                =
| birth_place               =
| residence                 =
| nationality               = Your nationality
| other_names               =
| citizenship               = Your citizenship
| education                 = Your education
| occupation                = Your job
| years_active              = on TED - eg: 2010-1011
| employer                  =
| organization              =
| known_for                 =
| notable_works             =
| style                     =
| influences                =
| influenced                =
| home_town                 =
| title                     = OTP Translator
| term                      =
| predecessor               =
| successor                 =
| movement                  =
| opponents                 =
| boards                    =
| religion                  = 
| denomination              = 
| callsign                  =
| awards                    =
| website                   = the link to your profile, for example: [http://www.ted.com/profiles Ted Profiles]
| footnotes                 =
| box_width                 = 600px

This is what the infobox will look like:

Your Name
Nationality Your nationality
Citizenship Your citizenship
Education Your education
Occupation Your job
Years active on TED - eg: 2010-1011
Title OTP Translator
Ted Profiles

Adding categories

To add a link to your user page to different user categories use the following code:

[[Category:YourLanguage Language Coordinator]]
[[Category:YourLanguage OTP Mentor]]

for example: [[Category:German Language Coordinator]]
or [[Category:Croatian OTP Mentor]]