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These are some examples of mistakes that could be manufactured to be corrected as an exercise for a translation workshop at a TEDx event.

This role is perfect for Cezary Pazura.

How famous is he?

It's like going to Sphinx.

So, what is Sphinx?

Whatever his policy may
be, we should support him.


Well, that's something to consider.


Thirty-five peoples.... errr.. people gathered there.


because an elephant stomped on his ear.

Polish idiom.

a horse and all of it's legs.


the Earth rotates around its axis.

Scientific terms.

the warp engine in Star Trek.

Cultural terms.

the city is 24 km away.


over 40,000 billions years ago.

Units & punctuation

so let's hear it. [Music]

Brackets for sounds

he could (have) done it.

Brackets for mistakes

should of seen it coming.

Common use. Google. (Aus vs the rest of the world)

Thank you. (Clapping)


and her curvacous figure could be seen.

Install a spell checker!