Japan, Osaka, Meetup 2014

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Location: cafe, small conference room in Osaka

Date: Feb. 9, 2014 11:30 – 18:00

Tools: Projector + laptop + conferencing app

Atttendees: OTP active translators and . In total 8 people (2 joined online).

Goal: Let OTP members meet face to face

Format: Discussions, Q and A sessions

Topics: What is the OTP. Workflow discussion, Exercise transcribing

Detailed agenda

1. Learn OTP as a whole How TED OTP started.

2. Explore technical questions about amara

3. Share options to work with eager translators

4. Examine individual on-board processes

5. Recognize approvals

6. Discuss approaches toward approvals

7. Enjoy tutorial videos

8. Exercise compression and language specific rules

Attendee stories

...I was amazed at how incredibly rewarding and information-packed this experience was... I am looking forward to hearing stories of Japanese OTP workshops, and may they be as awesome as the one I was lucky to participate in!... (Krystian)

...I was skeptical at first, when I was invited to join the Japanese OTP translator meetup via Google Hangout. ... ., and I got a lot out of "hanging out" with fellow OTP members. Thanks everyone! (Akiko)

...I kind of start to hear what they would sound like when they write to me via email or post. I hope this meetup will help us try to discuss issues openly and friendly manner... (Akinori)

...6 hours, which sounded forever before the meeting, passed very quickly and left me with a very nice memory. (Name1)

...I highly recommend you visit a meet up or workshop. Not only does it teach you how to translate TED/TEDx talks, but also opens up new doors in your life. (Name2)

Highlights from agenda

  • Compression

Best practices

  • Invite remote attendee
  • Get everyone's voice heard
  • Plan early
  • Set expectations right (not too formal, not too informal,etc)

Lessons learned

  • One good microphone for conferencing.