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Quick guide for TEDx organizers:

General guidelines

  1. Upload your TEDx videos to the TEDxTalks channel on YouTube. Make sure the title and description of the talk match the language the talk was presented in. This will make searching and translating your videos easier.
  2. Your videos will be available for subtitling on our partner platform Amara. Make sure you create an account and register with your TED profile to access the talks.
  3. Transcribe your talks - this is the most important first step that needs to be completed before a talk can be translated. Transcripts are same-language subtitles of the speaker’s talk. They provide a starting point for translation, and make the talks available to the Deaf and non-hearing viewers. You can create a transcript by yourself, assign a team member to the task or contact your language OTP community to start collaborating. Read the guide to transcribing talks before starting.
  4. When the transcript is finished, the talk can be translated into any of the 100+ languages available on TED. If you want the talk subtitled into a specific language, contact a Language Coordinator or join a language group and ask translators for help.

Useful links, tutorials and resources for TEDx organizers and volunteers working on subtitling TEDx talks

General resources

  1. Open Translation Project pages on

Subtitling resources

  1. Video tutorials
  2. How to Tackle a Transcript
  3. How to Tackle a Translation

TEDx video issues

  1. Is this talk part of the official TED team?
  2. Form: Add a TEDx talk to Amara

Community resources

  1. Amara Support Home

TED OTP contact information

Ivana Korom OTP/TEDx Liaison

General translation issues