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Hey everybody! I'm here with a new story. A story of the aftermath of events that occurred @Whistler, March this year. To see what I'm talking about, if you do not know about them yet, here's the link:

So, not to talk too much about it, Whistler and Active left me wanting to do more. Travel more, learn more, participate more. Since then I've become an LC, the Croatian OTP community managed to go over 1000 translations, and I reviewed, approved and translated a whole lot. I traveled to some cool places, went to a few amazing festivals and met a lot of exciting and new people. I've decided to organize a translator workshop in November, and I can honestly say that my schedule for each day is tightly packed. And I love every minute of it. But one other thing that intrigued me after Active was TEDx. Until I got my head and finances together, a few of the events I could've attended went by, so I've started searching for an event that I could attend while I'm traveling. I was planning one "big" trip until the end of the year, and wanted to include a TEDx in the itinerary. My initial plan was to go to Frankfurt, and as far as I could see, there was no events in the area. So I decided to postpone my plan of visiting a TEDx and started planning to visit my friend in Frankfurt. But the friend that I wanted to stay with notifies me in the last minute, as I was booking my trip, that he cannot accommodate me. So, I was disappointed, you can imagine. But everything happens for a reason, as you'll see latero on. I browsed around and I landed on a low cost airlines site that flies from my town to London. They had a discount, and for a super cheap price I buy myself a ticket to London, and I plan the trip for the week of my birthday. While checking out stuff to do, things to see, I realize that I actually did not check for a TEDx event in the area. I go to the TEDx site, and I see that on October 11th a certain TEDxBrixton is planned. And October 11th is actually the day of my birthday. I start grinning broadly, clicking around to get a ticket, and then I see "Volunteer"