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This page lists questions and answers about the role of Language Coordinators in Amara.

What can I do to create a new review task?

If while approving translations, you spot an approval task created after a translator submitted a review task without making any changes, and after checking the comments and team notes, and looking over the translation on your own, you are sure that the reason that happened was not that the translation was perfect (or near-perfect), you can easily revert it to a review task. To do so, take the approval task, and send it back, using a team note to explain why you did so. From there, a review task will be created and will be assigned to the reviewer (who accidentally took it), which you can reassign to "----," which will create a new review task, available for legitimate reviewers.

How can I make a 'stuck' translation available to the pool of translators?

In the past, translations that were left unfinished by translators were not automatically released after the expiration date. This explains why you might find old unfinished translations in Amara, assigned to people who are no longer active in the OTP. To release them, go to a the Task, hit the Reassign button, then choose "------" at the top of the drop-down menu, which indicates that the task should go back to the general request pool.

As TED translators, are we able to translate in any language other than the language assigned by TED?

Currently, anyone can take translation tasks in any language that is officially available on the TED team on Amara, but LC's can only approve in their language.