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This page lists questions and answers about the new role of Language Coordinators in Amara. As soon as official LC Guidelines are available, we will link to them here as well.

As LC, I seem to be able to review my own translations. Is that normal?

LCs are approving translations before publication. This job was being done by the TED staff up to now, but since they do not know 86 languages, this task has been transferred to the Language Coordinators. Because there are languages with only one Language Coordinator, LCs can approve their own work. They can also choose to ask a co-LC to review their work, if there's more than one LC in their language.

I see English transcriptions for approval in my tasks list. Am I suppose to approve them?

No, this is a bug. It's being fixed. LCs are not supposed to approve transcriptions.

What is the "Approve" option for that I see, besides "Transcribe", "Translate" and "Review"?

The "Approve" button is for approving translations for publication, a task previously performed by the TED Staff and now transferred to LCs.

Is there a change in the approval of new translators in Amara?

In the near future, this role will also be transferred to LCs. This option has not been activated yet.