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Where do they live?

Quite a few Dutch TED Translators live abroad. Dutch TED Translations are active from Canada to Belize, from India to Sweden.

Suriname, the third partner in the Dutch Language Union that unites the Netherlands and Flanders, is very poorly represented, with only one translation.

The very first Dutch TED Translator was a resident of Switzerland.

Map 1, Residence of TED Translations, World wide
Map 2, Residence of TED Translations, Belgium and Netherlands

Not surprisingly, however, most Dutch TED Translators live in the northern part of Belgium (Flanders) or in the Netherlands. They are rather evenly spread across both countries.

In the interactive version of the Maps, you can hover over a marker to see which Dutch TED Translation lives there, or you can use a search function. The locations were retrieved from the publicly available TED profiles of the translators.