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==New TED Translators==
==New Dutch TED Translators / Nieuwe Nederlandstalige TED-vertalers==
===Getting Started Page===
==Dutch OTP Guidelines / [[OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands]]==
There's useful general information for you on the [[Getting Started]] page.
===General / [[Algemeen]]===
===Introductory Video===
===Spelling / [[Spelling]]===
Here's an interesting video for you: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0fOhdVwx_Q On Spreading Ideas Into Dutch]
===Vocabulary / [[Woordenschat]]===
===Punctuation / [[Interpunctie]]===
===Grammar / [[Grammatica]]===
===Other standards / [[Andere normen]]===
====Addressing the public / [[Het publiek aanspreken]]====
====Localising socio-cultural references / [[Socio-culturele verwijzingen vertalen]]====
==[[OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands|Dutch OTP Guidelines]]==
==Dutch translation pitfalls - Frequently Made Errors / [[Valkuilen ofwel Veel Gemaakte Vertaalfouten]]==
===English-Dutch translation pitfalls / [[Engels-Nederlandse valkuilen]]===
===Regional pitfalls - Flanders / [[Regionale valkuilen - Vlaanderen]]===
===Regional pitfalls - The Netherlands / [[Regionale valkuilen - Nederland]]===
===Other standards===
====Addressing the public====
====Localising socio-cultural references====
==[[Valkuilen ofwel Veel Gemaakte Vertaalfouten|Dutch translation pitfalls - Frequently Made Errors]]==
==Dutch TED Translators / [[Nederlandstalige TED-vertalers]]==
===English-Dutch translation pitfalls===
===Dutch OTP Mentors / [[Nederlandstalige OTP Mentors]]===
===Regional pitfalls: Flanders===
===Dutch OTP Translators with specific expertise / [[Nederlandstalige TED-vertalers met specifieke kennis]]===
===Regional pitfalls: The Netherlands===
==Dutch Translator Toolbox==
==Dutch Village Pump / [[De Grote Markt]]==
==Dutch TED Translators==
===Discussions regarding the Dutch wiki / [[Discussies over de Nederlandstalige wiki]]===
===Dutch OTP Mentors===
===Examples of excellent published Dutch TED Translations / [[Voorbeelden van uitstekende gepubliceerde Nederlandstalige TED-vertalingen]]===
===Dutch OTP Translators with specific expertise===
==[[De Grote Markt|Dutch Village Pump]]==
===Discussions regarding published translations===
===Discussions regarding ongoing translations===
===Examples of excellent published Dutch TED Translations===

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Welcome to the Dutch page of the TED Translations Wiki!

This page is in English, so that other translation communities can give feedback regarding its structure and content. All other pages with respect to translating into Dutch will be in Dutch.

New Dutch TED Translators / Nieuwe Nederlandstalige TED-vertalers

Dutch OTP Guidelines / OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands

General / Algemeen

Spelling / Spelling

Vocabulary / Woordenschat

Punctuation / Interpunctie

Grammar / Grammatica

Other standards / Andere normen

Addressing the public / Het publiek aanspreken

Localising socio-cultural references / Socio-culturele verwijzingen vertalen

Dutch translation pitfalls - Frequently Made Errors / Valkuilen ofwel Veel Gemaakte Vertaalfouten

English-Dutch translation pitfalls / Engels-Nederlandse valkuilen

Regional pitfalls - Flanders / Regionale valkuilen - Vlaanderen

Regional pitfalls - The Netherlands / Regionale valkuilen - Nederland

Dutch TED Translators / Nederlandstalige TED-vertalers

Dutch OTP Mentors / Nederlandstalige OTP Mentors

Dutch OTP Translators with specific expertise / Nederlandstalige TED-vertalers met specifieke kennis

Dutch Village Pump / De Grote Markt

Discussions regarding the Dutch wiki / Discussies over de Nederlandstalige wiki

Examples of excellent published Dutch TED Translations / Voorbeelden van uitstekende gepubliceerde Nederlandstalige TED-vertalingen