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Welcome to the Dutch page of the TED Translations Wiki!
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Welkom op de Nederlandstalige pagina van de TED Translations Wiki!
'''This page is bilingual English-Dutch, so that other translation communities can give feedback regarding its structure and content. All other pages with respect to translating into Dutch will be in Dutch.'''
[[File:Brueghel-tower-of-babel.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Pieter Brueghel - De Toren van Babel]]
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|quote = ''Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.''
|source = [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Burgess Anthony Burgess], 1917-1993
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==Info for New Dutch TED Translators / [[Info voor nieuwe Nederlandstalige TED-vertalers]]==
==Dutch [[OTP]] Guidelines / [[OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands]]==
===General / [[OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands|Algemeen]]===
===Spelling / [[OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands|Spelling]]===
===Vocabulary / [[OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands|Woordenschat]]===
===Punctuation / [[OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands|Interpunctie]]===
===Grammar / [[OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands|Grammatica]]===
===Other standards / [[OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands|Andere normen]]===
====Addressing the public / [[OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands|Het publiek aanspreken]]====
====Localising socio-cultural references / [[OTP-richtlijnen Nederlands|Socio-culturele verwijzingen vertalen]]====
==Dutch translation pitfalls - Frequently Made Errors / [[Valkuilen ofwel Veel Gemaakte Vertaalfouten]]==
===English-Dutch translation pitfalls / [[Valkuilen ofwel Veel Gemaakte Vertaalfouten|Engels-Nederlandse valkuilen]]===
===Regional pitfalls - Flanders / [[Valkuilen ofwel Veel Gemaakte Vertaalfouten|Regionale valkuilen - Vlaanderen]]===
===Regional pitfalls - The Netherlands / [[Valkuilen ofwel Veel Gemaakte Vertaalfouten|Regionale valkuilen - Nederland]]===
==Dutch TED Translators / [http://www.ted.com/translate/translators/lang/dut Nederlandstalige OTP-vertalers]==
===Dutch Native Speakers / [[Dutch Native Speakers|OTP-Vertalers met Nederlands als moedertaal]]===
===Dutch [[OTP]] Mentors / [[Dutch OTP Mentors|Nederlandstalige OTP-Mentors]]===
===Dutch OTP Translators with specific expertise / [[Experts|OTP-Vertalers met specifieke kennis]]===
===Dutch Language Coordinator / [[Dutch Language Coordinator|Nederlandse Taalcoördinator]]===
[[Category:OTP Nederlands]]

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