Chinese, Yue (Cantonese)

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This is the discussion forum for translation and transcription issues of Cantonese. Please visit our group We need your help for the Open Translation Project! For enrollment as a new volunteer, please go to Amara for registration. All translation and transcription guidelines for Cantonese are available in the Facebook group.

我哋喺 Facebook 開設咗一個群組,歡迎你就翻譯或抄錄留言。即上我哋群組啦!TED 嘅翻譯工作需要你參與!如果你仲未成為翻譯義工,就快啲上Amara登記啦!所有翻譯同抄錄嘅指引都可以喺 Facebook 群組裏面搵到。