Charlie Todd: The shared experience of absurdity

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This is a page of resources and discussion for "Charlie Todd: The shared experience of absurdity"

The talk




About the speaker

personal website



Causing a Scene: Extraordinary Pranks in Ordinary Places with Improv Everywhere (book)

Related resources

Improv Everywhere

Gel: Gotta share!

The book that the girl in the subway was reading is “The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II”

Improvs showed in the talk

No Pants

Look Up More

Best Buy

High Five Escalator

Frozen Grand Central

Who You Gonna Call? (Ghostbusters)

The Mp3 Experiments 5

Grocery Store Musical

Black Tie Beach

Other popular improvs

Star Wars Subway Car

Food Court Musical

Surprise Wedding Reception

Say Something Nice

The Mute Button

Pro Wrestler Wedding (his own wedding)

Terms and expressions

6 train

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

Union Square

53rd Str.

E train

Grand Central Terminal


00:03:54,000 --> 00:03:56,000
This January, we did the 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride
This past January, we did the 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride

00:06:37,000 --> 00:06:39,000
So again, this is 2005.
# "Best Buy" was actually in 2006, not 2005.

00:07:31,000 --> 00:07:33,000
And we were there probably 10 minutes
And we were there probably about 10 minutes

#after caption 213, add the following lines

00:09:11,000 --> 00:09:14,000
“Rob wants”

00:09:17,000 --> 00:09:19,000
“to give you”

00:09:21,000 --> 00:09:23,000
“a high five!”

00:09:23,000 --> 00:09:25,000

00:09:25,000 --> 00:09:28,000
“Get ready!”

00:09:28,000 --> 00:09:31,000

00:09:31,000 --> 00:09:34,000
“Rob↓” (Laughter)

00:09:34,000 --> 00:09:39,000


00:10:36,000 --> 00:10:38,000
It's a perfectly wonderful way to spent a weekend afternoon,
It's a perfectly wonderful way to spend a weekend afternoon,