Billy Collins: Everyday moments, caught in time

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This is a page of resources and discussion for "Billy Collins: Everyday moments, caught in time"

The talk





About the speaker

Persnal Website

billy collins--action poetry

JWTNY YouTube Channel

Billy Collins Official iPhone&iPad App


Billy Collins: Online Resources


Facebook page

Poetry 180

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Collins Values Approachable Poetry, Not Pretension (npr 2011)

One poem at a time: Billy Collins

Terms and expressions

J. Walter Thompson

Sundance Channel

Emily Dickinson

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

William Wordsworth

Merrie Melodies

Looney Tunes

Bugs Bunny

United States Poet Laureate (2001–2003: Billy Collins)

“Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you (, but always dress for the hunt!)” is Adventurers Club's motto.

Lady Jane Grey

Annie Oakley

Maria Callas


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and Loony Tunes cartoons.
and Looney Tunes cartoons.