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This page contains lists to short screen comment videos about Amara. Feel free to add your own!

Moving from dotSUB to Amara

Are you an existing TED Translator who has not yet tried out the new Amara system? This short 3 min. movie shows you how to get started on Amara and request a translation.

Translating a requested talk online on Amara

This video shows how to perform a translation task in the online Amara interface, i.e. how to translate a TEDTalk that you requested for translation into your language. If you don't know how to request a talk for translation, watch the movie "Moving from dotSUB to Amara" first.

Requesting a review on Amara

This video describes how to request a review for a TED translation in your language in the Amara subtitling system.

Getting rid of a task

This video describes how you get rid of a task that you accidentally assigned to yourself.

Are you being reviewed?

This Amara tutorial shows how you can find out whether your translation is being reviewed and if so, by whom.

Amara on OTPedia

This video shows where you can find information about Amara on OTPedia.