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I am a MA graduate from English Studies at Warsaw University and I continue my education at Warsaw University taking a PhD course in Linguistics. I've been working as an English teacher for several years now and I'm beginning my journey as a translator and interpreter. My biggest passions in life are phonology, movies and philosophy.

I would love to be a distinguished professor one day who contributes to the knowledge we have on language acquisition, opaque language sound patterns and language change. But that's enough about my job plans :)

I joined TED for two reasons:

1) I would like to feel more comfortable translating and subtitling audiovisual materials 2) I would love to be a part of a non-profit initiative spreading inspiring ideas and encouraging people to be more open-minded

I hope each day, with another translation done I will be getting better and better in what I do and I will be contributing to a noble enterprise at the same time.