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Spanish Translator and Software Localization Specialist, English ~ Spanish. Traductor español especializado en Localización de software y TIC, Inglés ~ Español.

Hello fellow TED translators: I am passionate about the spirit of spreading ideas of innovation, empowerment and awareness that TED strives to promote, and I have been personally inspired by some of the talks, this is what got me in the first place to join as a volunteer translator for TED. I look forward to contributing my captioning or translation skills, even if it it is with limited effort due to my other responsibilities.

A bit about me as a professional translator: I've been translating profesionally since 1994 and am passionate about my native language, Spanish, about finding common grounds with our Spanish-speaking family in Latin America and the US.

In the midst of my translation career I pursued a career change towards the IT Systems administration field due to my passion for all things IT. This allowed me to benefit from a mixed background in English Studies and IT, by having professional experience both in Translation and Software Localization and as a Systems administrator. So whether it's Windows Server environments, Application Servers, Networking, Security, Development, Dev Ops or Cloud infrastructure, I'm happy empowering the Spanish speaking IT community by translating complex Technical documentation, Training, or Software.

¡Un abrazo a la comunidad hispanohablante de TED Translators!