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I was born in Osijek, Croatia, in 1987. I studied Agricultural Economics in Osijek, Croatia, all the while working as a part of different branches of customer support. Advancing in my education and the part-time work I've managed to meet a lot of great people, acquire loads of experience in telecommunications, customer support and customer service,travel and be a part of some amazing projects Since I'm finishing my education and preparing for the next big step in my life, finding a dream job(I believe that a part of happiness is doing what you love and what fulfills you every day you come to work), I'd like to share some of my skills and interests here. I'm a Farmer wannabe, with a finished plan for garlic production. Through my education I focused on marketing and the paper part of agriculture, but towards the end I found passion for production, renewable energy sources and the agricultural part of them. Already mentioned the customer support part, which for the years spent gave me valuable experience, endorsed my work habits and allowed me to meet a lot of great people. I'm also doing volunteer translating for, I love public speaking, and have some experience in it, since I took part in the Famelab competition. I can drive now, since I got my license. Currently learning to code, so I can get my dream job when I defend my masters thesis in september this year. I truly hope that my experiences and skills, the will to learn and better myself can enable me to work at a place I love, doing a job that really gives me a reason to be happy. Among all the other little things that make us smile during the day.