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I got into the film industry because I'm relentlessly curious about the world around me. I am a content consumer & creator. I work primarily as an assistant director, meaning that I break down and schedule scripts, work with the producers to figure out logistics, handle all communication with the cast and crew, get the cast through hair, make up and wardrobe, and act as a point person to whom everyone directs their questions and concerns. I love the fact that my job is different every day of the week, and that I've met so many people and been to so many places that I never would have in a "normal" career. On various projects I worked on a cruise ship, I've been inside a maximum security men's prison, I've been to the National Dairy Goat Show, I've tasted food prepared by some of America's finest chefs, and I've met a whole range of fascinating people with fascinating stories along the way. Currently I am in post-production on a feature-length documentary about the dairy goat industry in the United States entitled "Goat People." Goats and their owners are terribly misunderstood and misrepresented in pop culture, and I seek to challenge those misconceptions and champion a group of people that masters the art of animal husbandry and seeks to create delicious and nutritious products in a country dominated by cow-favoritism.